This Terms of Use outlines the user policy of VOH Technologies, its services and liabilities involving the use of our services and products. By registering for any of our services, you agree that you have read and accepted all the terms and conditions outlined in this document.

Coverage & scope

This Terms of Use covers the treatment of use of services and products VOH Technologies and/or a website owned and operated by VOH Technologies.This document is not applicable to companies that VOH Technologies has no ownership of or does not control, or of persons that are not under the employment and management of VOH Technologies, including any third-party service and/or product providers bound by contract and any third-party websites to which VOH Technologies’ website links.

Filing a complaint

In case of filing a complaint, VOH Technologies will try and come to a mutually acceptable solution if a user is unsatisfied with any of our services. Revocation occurs when things don’t work out. If You think about filing a claim, please write to us before launching a request.You should only file complaints if we are unable to affect a mutually satisfactory solution.

Eligibility for refund

We handle every project in a professional manner to ensure that the client is delivered what was mentioned as per the terms and conditions of the proposal. However, if the client has gone through the dispute resolution process, refund claims will be considered as per the following schedule which clearly lists the services and our Terms of Use related to each service.

Application programming

We will offer a full refund if, for some reason, the project has not been initiated. An agreement is drafted for every application programming project. In case no agreement has been devised and/or there is no mention of a Terms of Use, we will apply the following delivery policy:VOH Technologies will issue a partial refund upon the discretion of the service provider if the project does not get finalized as mentioned in the delivery policy and contract. The proportion of the project completed will be calculated by VOH Technologies and the proportion that is not complete will be treated as per the pre-defined scope of the project.

Dedicated hiring

VOH Technologies offers a full refund if there is a delay in starting the project by either the programmer / designer / content writer / SEO expert (or any other resource / staff).We will offer a proportionate refund if the client cancels the project at any point in time.We offer no refund for days worked. If the client is not satisfied with the work at any point in time, they must immediately notify our Project Manager and ask for discounts for any work not carried out. We will not accept any such negotiation at a later date.

Applicability of the delivery policy

Timely payments: A project is not considered to be void if the agreed upon / listed payments are not clear.Timely communication from the client: VOH Technologies is not bound by the Terms of Use. The client must provide timely information for successful completion of the project. VOH Technologies will not accept any responsibility for the delay or failure of completing the projectarising out of miscommunication or lack of communication in a timely manner.Completeness of information provided by the client: VOH Technologies is not obligated to respect its delivery and/or refund commitmentsif the client fails to provide complete information/scope of the project to VOH Technologies at initializing stage of the project.VOH Technologies will only compensate for the delay of delivery, unless there is a special agreement signed with a penalty clause for delay in delivery.

Limitation of liability

VOH Technologies liability is limited in as much to the value of the portion of the project (as per VOH Technologies proposal) which may be incomplete at any given point of time. VOH Technologies will not be held responsible for losses arising out of the services delivered / not delivered or the delay in the same. VOH Technologies is only liable to refund if the client cancels the project, and as such, the cancellation has been communicated to VOH Technologies in writing.

Processing of refunds

VOH Technologies will process the refunds and mail the same within 5 business days of the cancellation date. The same method of payment will be required as the original (refund by check or refund to credit card).